Nov 2018

Here we go with new conditions

The old offerings with fixed payout frequency and fixed rewards are running out… We call them GOLD option. At a later point.. for example after a new consensus they will be back or at least in a modified shape.

Now we continue with a limited number of Silver packages.

It is still a bargain because you pay only once.
You will get payouts based on average payout frequency rounded mathematically.
For example if it is 7.5 than you get it every 8 days.
Also the REWARD will adapt when it is changed by community consensus.

Did you know that the Voting platform for TELOS is nearly done?

Silver will be available starting 30th of November 2018.

The last nodes with the most affordable price are soon gone

In the next few days our existing Masternode volume will be sold and we will announce the new conditions.

The current one is called "Gold". The next one is silver which still costs only 3k TELOS for a lifetime hosting.
Changes for the new silver contracts:
- adaptive payout-frequency based on average payout frequency
- no free collateral upgrade -> if the coin requires a higher collateral after a fork or update, the customer needs to send the difference from original collateral.

Still an awesome package compared to other services.

We have added also a coin listing section. If you like to see gold and or silver packages for other POS coins, feel free fill out the listing form. The listing costs 250K TELOS. We will guarantee Silver offerings. Means: a lifetime hosting

Peetoro has been launched

Here you will find soon more and more options that you can pay with TELOS.
Currently we have a limited offering of TELOS Masternodes for a one-time fee of only 3000TELOS.
If you cancel your order you will get 1000 TELOS back as 2000 TELOS are used directly as Payment for Setting up Nodes.

Our mission is to serve the Network. We will add nodes in key regions and we will run them in a responsible manner (no overloaded and unresponsive nodes).

In Around 14 days we will also offer Cloud-mining of Dash and Zcash… later followed by more coins.
In that case you will be able to buy hashrate using TELOS.
There will be two options:
Open END which means there is a daily maintenance fee which will be cut off from mining rewards. If the fee become higher than the mining results, than the contract ends

Alternatively there is the Fixed Fee model. You pay in advance all occurring fees. So the mining won't be canceled until end of the contract. The duration of a mining contract can be 6 month or 12month.

Stay tuned!